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Il Poligono

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In those first years of mass information through the internet, the knowledge moves freer than ever, away from restrictions that used to limit its development. But the dissolute access to any source seems to create the opposite effect of the one desired and augment the confusion instead of the precise knowledge of the facts.
Now, more than ever, we need a conscious position that rejects the disinformation. We, young people born at the beginning of XXI century, almost digital natives, hardly feel the necessity to don't be lazy users of a mechanism that doesn't aim to the truth anymore, but where spreads convenient and partial truths, and where the opinions exulates from facts and sometimes tend even to modify them.
From those necessities was born the editorial initiative "Il Poligono" as a Politics Hub project.
We want to give examples of a journalistic hetics that, side by side to a simple and clear explanation of facts, could be the inspiration for a renovation of the approach method to news really and sincerely critic.

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